Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Just like Virj is green everyday, I am always Irish but was born in and am living in North America. (I was a dual citizen at birth). I still think green dye is an abomination, but it’s nice to see how happy everyone is on St. Patrick’s day!



She didn’t mean it, Sonny!

Maybe Staci should have learned about Virj’s flatmate’s sensitivity to cut flowers. Poor Sonny.

Noola Quirk’s Massively Useful Guide About How to Treat Your Introvert

I am an extrovert myself, but I would wear protective gear before trying things Noola’s way. /cg


My political protest delegate.

With all that’s going on in the US and Canada, something’s gotta be said. That’s why I’m grateful for fearless Splot.

Office crush.

You can read just how far Virj takes his crush in the novel, Life in the ‘Cosm!

Are you a procrasti-writer?


Oh, come on. We’ve all done it.


Let’s talk mental illness

Whether it’s depression or another type of mental illness, treat people with compassion.

Trolling for attention?

Be careful what you ask for, Virj. People have strong opinions about desserts.

Wishful thinking?

Sometimes we’d like people to change, but then we realise that we’re stuck with a snarky Ovum.