Life in the ‘Cosm started out 20 years ago, as I doodled a comic strip with three main characters: the broody Virj Ofreesin (pronounced verge of reason), his pet Splot, and his houseplant Sonny. I loved drawing these guys and has oodles of ideas for story lines.

Then, life got in the way.

In 1999, I started a book called The Krystal Tower, about Virj trying to write a book. I jotted down a chapter or two and liked where I was going.

Then, life got in the way.

Finally, in May of 2014, while trying to cope with a painful chronic illness, I decided to do some creative writing as a distraction from my symptoms. Virj and his flatmates came out again. But what started out as an exercise became so much more.

Life didn’t get in the way this time!

Now, two years later, I’m going to be published by Renaissance Press, the most awesomesauciest of small presses. I’ve gone through all the The Editing Passes of Destiny and we’re off to print. *gulp* But I’m so thrilled that someone else gets my humour.

Stay tuned for Life in the ‘Cosm, a first of three novels in the ‘Cosm series, coming September 2016!