Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Just like Virj is green everyday, I am always Irish but was born in and am living in North America. (I was a dual citizen at birth). I still think green dye is an abomination, but it’s nice to see how happy everyone is on St. Patrick’s day!



She didn’t mean it, Sonny!

Maybe Staci should have learned about Virj’s flatmate’s sensitivity to cut flowers. Poor Sonny.

Meet Sonny, the sentient daisy.

Come live with me, Sonny!

Every tech writer does it. At least once.


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Guess artist!

Been a busy day, so Virj was my guess artist!

Read also my comedy sci-fi. Life in the ‘Cosm. On all the Amazons!

Behold, the mighty warrior!

A word from Xax the Draga.

Read more about these characters in my comedy sci-fi. Life in the ‘Cosm!

10052016: What happens in writer’s group…

Never underestimate the old ladies. They’re old, not dead.

10042016: Working out?

(Doodling with vertigo this morning. Yipes.) This episode reflects my real-life workout.

LITC 09292016: Life’s too short

Eat. The. Cupcake.

LITC 09272016: Can an Ovum do tricks?

When you have a pet that resembles a fried egg, tricks can be tricky.